Fadia Kader (@FadiaKader) is a music marketing executive & entrepreneur who knows that you have to #protectyourmagic

Leslie Rosales (@leslierosales) is a music manager and painter and she knows now that forgiveness brings freedom and peace.

Jouelzy (@jouelzy) is a known beauty vlogger & creative entrepreneur who knows you have to preserve your integrity no matter the circumstance. 


Sharifa Murdock (@sharifasays) is a fashion entrepreneur and trade show executive who knows for sure you have to challenge yourself to find success at work. #SheKnowsNow

Reshma Saujani (@girlswhocode) is a founder and politician who knows that #failing fast is the key to success. 

Shannon Jones (@shansimp) is an amazing experiential marketer for major brands. #SheKnowsNow that energy is contagious and instead of looking for the worst that can happen, try to think what's the BEST that can happen!?

Rupa Mehta ( @nalinimethod) is a wellness professional and author who knows that the truth floats so it's best to be adaptable. 


Tiffany R. Warren (@diverstar) is an executive advocate for diversity in advertising & media, and she now knows that people take your seriously if you can produce and are a person of your word.