OUR Story


It was in 2014 when I realized, there's a generation of young women who don't see their path, their image, their voice, their struggle represented in traditional media. I initially started this platform to share quick clips of inspiration from accomplished women in my network. I launched in 2015 with video clips posted on social media from women answering what they knew for sure in their lives, and I realized quickly that I needed to build a space for this community to engage with each other, which is why we started producing high-touch events for member apart our distribution list in 2016 culminating in our inaugural She Knows Summit. Continuously stretching our footprint, audiences can look forward to a monthly podcast featuring some phenomenal women in various industries and more open conversations,networking, support, events and an opportunities to learn from the She Knows Now team.  I am personally dedicated to this work and looking forward to collaborating with you. 

- Tiffany Hardin


Our Mission

She Knows Now produces confidence affirming content and events for millennial women to empower her journey to self actualization. We are storytellers, content providers, and connectors making the narrative around "women's empowerment" available for every day living for everyone.  


What We're proud of

  • Produced and distributed over 40 insight archive videos, 
  • Garnering over 2MM+ impressions from press and social mentions
  • Produced monthly events featuring C-suite  and high-potential millennial women from all industries
  • Working with women-owned vendors across all events and content production
  • Produced the Inaugural She Knows Now Summit featuring 150 attendees, 6 sessions, and 20+ speakers
  • Produced and distributed over 40 insight archive videos 
  • Positive testimonials from partners, sponsors, attendees, and speakers
  • Supporting corporate opportunities to increase their dedication to diversity